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Meta Connect: A Glimpse into the Future

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Today, I will quickly summarize the key highlights from the Meta Connect event and provide you with an intriguing overview of the event's revelations. Such events not only showcase new technologies but also offer valuable insights into the direction of technology trends beyond the marketing hype. Let's take a closer look at the event's standout moments.

Meta Quest 3

Mark Zuckerberg is wearing Meta Quest 3
Meta Quest 3

One of the most attention-grabbing aspects during the event was undeniably Mixed Reality. This emphasizes Meta's serious commitment to Vision Pro, even though the camera quality within the device might not be perfect. However, it's a significant leap from the constraints we've previously experienced when interacting with the real world in virtual spaces. There have also been notable improvements in resolution, battery life, and performance, making Meta Quest 3 a device worth examining closely.

Another noteworthy point is the partnership with Xbox. Quest 2 still lacks a sufficient user base in the gaming sector. I believe this is due to their closed application platform and the challenge of attracting qualified creators to the platform. VR enthusiasts tend to lean toward PC VR and compatible devices, and partnering with Xbox aims to address this issue. It's important to note that these games can still be played on 2D screens, but the introduction of a new controller (Xbox consoles) adds an interesting dimension to the user experience.

Ray Ban Smart Glasses

A woman wearing Ray Ban Smart Glasses
New Ray Ban Smart Glasses

The concept of capturing the world through our head movements without the instability affecting the quality of photos or videos seems like a step towards mitigating motion sickness. However, considering the weight of glasses, there's still a missing element for this to become a product we'd want to wear constantly. Yet, the AI features and active assistant showcased during the event offer significant potential. Now, artificial intelligence can see and hear, potentially making it an incredibly useful tool, especially for individuals with disabilities. However, there's a major concern to address: privacy.

A Variety of Artificial Intelligences

A chat with Snoop Dog as a dungeon master
Snoop Dogg AI

The recent development of AI models having a personality and identity is intriguing from a user experience perspective. You can now interact with an AI bot without having to specify how to behave beforehand, creating a smoother user experience. The presence of these AI models in applications like WhatsApp group chats and real-time web results further enhances their utility. This means language models can reach native-level proficiency much faster because our daily conversations are likely to be well-represented in their training datasets.

Celebrity avatars
Meta AI Chat Bot Celebrities

In 2024, we can anticipate exciting developments in technology and content. The innovations unveiled at the Meta Connect event hint at significant strides in shaping the future of technological trends and user experiences. We'll continue to closely follow these developments. Stay tuned for more updates!

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