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Miami, FL, USA


Atlas Space


15 Nis 2023


UI/UX Design


web3, android, mobile app, ui ux design, metaverse, game ui, ios, atlasspace

Atlas Space Metaverse Mobile App UI UX Design



Introducing Phase-2 The Mobile App: Atlas Space continues to shape the future of Metaverse infrastructure-as-a-service, connecting diverse individuals, communities, and brands to create shared experiences for a decentralized lifestyle. As we expand the platform from web devices, now it is available for mobile devices. Leading a skilled team of UX/UI and interaction designers, we collaborate closely with developers, game designers, and 3D artists to craft a seamless mobile app experience. Stay tuned for an immersive and engaging journey into the Metaverse on your mobile device.



Feel free to try out our platform at
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For more information check out our website

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