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Helsinki, Finland




26 Mar 2024


UI/UX Design


unity, mobile app, gaming, ios, android, ui ux design, game ui




Forge strategic alliances and engage in epic battles in BattleCraft, a dynamic RPG Mobile game. Strategize your moves on the battlefield, reminiscent of chess, and wield mighty hammers and swords in thrilling warfare. Collect power-ups like gems, potions, and accessories to enhance your powers and dominate your opponents. Earn experience points, gifts, and coins with every victory, and use them to purchase gear from the marketplace for future battles. Challenge friends, join multiplayer battles, and communicate through an in-game chat. Dive into the world of BattleCraft and unleash your strategic prowess on the battlefield.



This project is developed for a design challenge where designers have to deliver a concept idea for a game under 3 hours. Therefore in order to have a consistent illustrative elements, illustrations such as player characters, diamond, chests etc. carefully curated from Envato.

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