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İstanbul, Türkiye


GarageAtlas / Betek


11 Haz 2019


UI/UX Design


virtual reality, unreal engine, garageatlas, B2B

Interactive Paint Catalogue



Interactive Catalogue is a project of Garage ATLAS developed at Istanbul in 2019.
My contributions to the team focused on UI design for web application and art direction, motion graphics design and video editor. The VR Catalogue offers a collection of 3000 paint colors and textures that can be experienced in a virtual home setting. It is a pre-built platform that can be customized with additional features to cater to the needs of wall finishing companies and distributors who want to showcase their products in retail settings or on special occasions.



The Interactive Catalogue provides buyers with a virtual home environment to view, edit, and select wall colors and textures. Interactive options allow for changing upholstery, cabinet cladding, and lighting to test compatibility with chosen colors or textures. The Interactive Catalogue can be accessed through various VR hardware, including computer, stand-alone and mobile HMDs, web VR, and desktop or mobile view.

Wall finishing and paint companies can utilize Interactive Catalogue to help clients visualize their future spaces with more precision using emerging VR technologies that provide photorealistic quality. This technology bridges the gap between virtual and real-life experiences and helps aid the imagining of future spaces.

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