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Helsinki, Finland




25 Mar 2024


UI/UX Design


gaming, ui ux design, graphic design, game ui




Discover the Depths with Under The Sea: Dive into an immersive mobile gaming experience with our captivating UI design for 'Under The Sea,' a thrilling fishing game. Navigate through the ocean depths, catching a variety of fishes, each with its own coin value. Strategize wisely to accumulate coins, unlocking enticing upgrades to enhance your fishing arsenal. But beware of lurking dangers like sharks and mines, ready to deplete your hearts. With only 5 hearts to spare, every move counts. Stay in the game by waiting or watching ads when hearts run low.

The project's UI design, meticulously crafted within 3 hours, showcases innovative visuals and intuitive interfaces, demonstrating a keen understanding of user engagement and game dynamics. In order to have a consistent illustrative elements, illustrations such as heart, diamond, chest carefully curated from Envato.



Experience the thrill of the ocean with our captivating logo reveal video. From the depths of imagination emerges a stunning visual journey, crafted with precision and creativity. Watch as the motion graphics, meticulously designed by yours truly, come to life, setting the stage for an unforgettable adventure. Get ready to dive in and make a splash!

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