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İstanbul, Türkiye




23 Ara 2022


UI/UX Design


ui ux design, virtual reality, unreal engine, B2B

MediboothVR UI UX Design



Medibooth is a cutting-edge VR meditation platform designed specifically for busy professionals and corporate organizations. Our primary objective is to alleviate stress and enhance concentration through a unique combination of immersive VR experiences, biofeedback technology, and captivating storytelling. In order to facilitate a comprehensive meditation experience, Medibooth offers a range of services to companies, including a state-of-the-art VR application, mobile app, robust biofeedback infrastructure, a user-friendly mobile app for tracking progress, and dedicated meditation booths.
Our meditation program features 10-15 minute VR exercises inspired by the elements, meticulously curated by renowned meditation instructor Metin Hara and developed in collaboration with esteemed neuroscience expert Prof. Dr. Sinan Can.



MediboothVR is a groundbreaking meditation platform and workplace wellness solution powered by VR and Neuroscience. It is delivered through a specially designed immersive meditative booth, offering a new generation solution for stress management, focus, pain management, and mindfulness. Originally an R&D project at GarageATLAS Technology and Design firm, I played a key role as a designer, and due to its success and demand, MediboothVR evolved into its own startup. The project secured funding from Tubitak, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, and raised 120% of the funds in less than 12 hours through the crowdfunding and crowdinvesting platform,

Discover MediboothVR, at our platform
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